Our Services

Brand Names
Wholesale distributor of name brand office furnishings from manufacturers like Indiana Desk, Hon, United Chair, Nvision and others.
Huge Inventory
Located in Conroe, Texas (just north of Houston) and opened in 1998 our 17000 square foot warehouses/showroom is packed with Furniture.
Time Saving
We have a large network with great pricing on new business furniture via authorized distributorships with most major manufacturers
Used Office Furniture
a major buyer of used furniture in the Houston and greater southeast Texas area. And we pass these savings on to our customers. Whether you need a single specialty piece or an entire office suite, we can help you meet both needs and budget with our huge selection of used office furniture at better-than-wholesale prices.
Wide Variety
We stock a wide variety of contemporary and traditional furniture styles for the executive office, small business and home office environments.
Filing Solutions
Filing cabinets to complex medical systems, uprights, laterals, fireproof file cabinets and more. We also have cabinets for flat-files, hanging files, and tab files, as well as a large selection of bookshelves and storage cabinets.

Our Team

Sana Mathew
Business Analyst
Thomas Gill
Business Director
James Smith
Business Analyst

Financial Services

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